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Accepting the love you deserve

Lori Foster’s Don’t Tempt Me is a story about learning to accept the love you deserve.

Honor has lived most of her life trying her damnedest to need people as little as possible. Her parents abandoned her and the grandfather who lovingly took her in, try as he might, could not fill that void. Honor learned that people eventually leave her, so she has to do without them at all costs.

Jason has a lot of love to give and he is not afraid to take responsibility. He knows what it is like to have others rely on him. With his older brother Hogan and his son Colt coming to live with him after Hogan loses his job, Jason steps up and takes care of them, providing not only a place to stay but a safe outlet for their confused emotions.

Jason is more than capable of loving the people who need him the most, and it is this open and honest love that he offers to Honor.
Honor, not wanting to give in to any of her vulnerabilities, vehemently resists all of Jason’s advances. She eventually accepts him a…

"Jules & James" - Eavesdropping on a couple has never been so much fun

I was listening to a different podcast altogether when I first heard about "Jules & James". The premise is as simple as it is intriguing: following a call to a wrong number, two strangers begin a relationship.

They reveal themselves through conversation and get closer and closer, all the time skirting around labelling their relationship or even meeting in person. It's the perfect setting for an unlikely love story, which is, of course, the best kind.

I have been hooked on the conversation between Jules, a filmmaker living in London, and James, an MBA graduate-turned painter living in Paris, for days now. It's just so... charming. The similarity between listening to their phone calls and eavesdropping on an intimate date between a couple of strangers is clear to me, of course.

And normally I would never normally sit around listening to two people share details of their lives with each other. But they can't see me, so it's okay.

The idea of two people spend…