Insecure means so much to me

I love Insecure. 

I remember thinking "Yes, it's finally happening!" when I heard that Issa Rae was going to have her own show on TV. That's what everyone in the comments section of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl wanted for her, and while I can't give you the direct quote, I believe  Issa wrote about it in her book as well.

Throughout season one, I followed the series and all the opinion pieces, Twitter threads and tumblr posts it generated. I've been doing the same for season two, listening to Insecuritea and An Extraordinary Recap, and tuning into Demetria Lucas D'Oyley's channel to hear people talk about Issa Dee's latest shenanigans.

I was particularly excited to hear what people would say about last night's episode because so much happened. [The rest of this post contains spoilers.]

Issa seems to be hitting her stride in her Hoe Phase
While they wait for Molly to get ready, Issa talks to Kelli about her plans to explore all her options, starting with an online match named Felix. After last week's hella awkward encounter with "Neighbour Bae", Issa deserves a win in this category.

Molly treads into unfamiliar relationship territory
At the Kiss 'n Grind (what a risky name for a day party), Molly bumps into her friend Dro. They end up spending quite a bit of time together, and Dro even tries to help Molly find a cool guy to hang out with. Later, Molly and Dro are on the dance floor and the DJ (a slick cameo appearance by Syd the Kid) is giving them serious nostalgia with her song selection. The two get into a bit of an intense dance moment, getting really close and talking about who had the best moves when they were back in school.

I loved this scene because Molly and Dro really were having a good time. I believed that they were really good friends, and when they were grinding up on each other all close like that I almost forgot that Dro was married. Almost.
When Molly senses that things are getting too hot she suggests they stop before they do something his wife won't like. But then Dro says she wouldn't mind because they are in an open marriage.
Me: Um, okay, but are you sure?

Dro seems sincere, and Molly didn't freak out like I thought she would (seeing as her relationship standards are pretty high). But she is still uneasy, and doesn't take Dro up on his offer to come by to her place later that night. The thing is, I actually wanted to see where things would go between her and Dro. I'ts definitely messy af because Molly and Dro's wife are close friends too, but I thought it would be interesting to explore that avenue. What does an open marriage look like in 2017?

(This curiosity could be because I am neither married nor an expert in relationships, so I am okay with playing fast and loose with boundaries. Also kind of expected the show to go there, because I think they would be able to handle the subject.)

I hope they pick this up again next week, because we need to hear the wife's side of the story.

Kelli and her spectacular one-liners
Kelli knows just what to say at the right moment. I'm always keen to hear what she will say next, and tonight she did not disappoint.

Oh, Lawrence, Lawrence, Lawrence.
I thought his getting pulled over by the police would be the big moment of the episode, but that ended up being a minor event.
Instead, Lawrence gets himself into trouble at the home of two women he met at the grocery store. He had forgotten his card, they paid for his stuff, and when they invited him over to their place he agreed.
He shouldn't have.

These women had Lawrence out there solely as part of a twisted sexual experiment. When Lawrence didn't meet their standards, and couldn't even do as well in bed as "L'Marcus", these women hopped off of him and proceeded to snort cocaine and make plans to get to a party.
Lawrence had failed to feed their fetish*, and so they no longer had any use for him. (I doubt they even said goodbye to him when he left their house.)
That threesome was cringeworthy af, (did I "watch" with my duvet covering my eyes? Yes, I did.), but at the same time Lawrence deserved to be brought back down to earth.

He has been skating by on his looks and his non-threatening attitude for far too long, leading women into situations where he retained the upper hand while they got played. Maybe now that he has been misled and taken advantage of, he will start to change some of his behaviours.

Daniel is back
What does this mean?
Issa is living wild and free, doing her best to move on from what happened between her, Daniel and Lawrence, and then her past pops right back up.
She could have chosen to not talk to Daniel at all when she saw him at the party - and he was quite dismissive with her - but that is not who Issa is. There's also the fact that she is naturally drawn to Daniel, and she can't just cut that connection off.

So right now they're not friends, but they're not enemies either, and for now I'm fine with that.

I don't know if the fourth episode is the show's sweet spot or what, because episodes 4 and 5 of season one were pretty good, too, but I loved this episode.
I can't wait for next week!

In the meantime, I am collecting all of the gifs. My tumblr page looks so great:

*Can a woman of Asian descent still fetishise a black man? It just seemed weird to me that a woman who is from a group that receives its own share of prejudice from society could be so wildly problematic in her behaviour. But I suppose the fact that you are from an oppressed group does not mean that you are incapable of behaving harmfully towards others.