Rompers for men made quite a stir on social media last week

Last week Tuesday, ELLE South Africa tweeted a link to an article about what would be the week’s favourite fashion fad: the RompHim

Upon reading about this new fashion item, designed by bros, for bros, I was once again struck by how fragile masculinity is. That you would need to call a garment that already exists (fashion magazines have been touting rompers to women for years) by a name that emphasises that it is for men is fascinating. While I am in no position to judge what people wear, I do strongly feel that I wouldn’t be able to stay friends with anyone who used the word “romphim” seriously.

The real fun began when social media got wind of thecampaign. People commented on whether they would wear the romper, or date someone who did, and on how they would interact with someone wearing it. Even after the topic lost its trending status, I had the time of my life laughing at tweets and taking screenshots of my timeline to share with friends.

Ridiculous name aside, this is actually a sound business idea: they have identified a market, created a lifestyle to sell to that market, and figured out how to manufacture a quality product.

So while I may not be the target audience, I will say that their campaign had my attention, and was good for laughs. 


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