I don't know how to decorate my flat (Part 1 of MANY)

I'm experimenting with short (or long, we'll see) pieces about what it's like living alone and trying to figure out how to decorate and where to shop and how to burn scented candles and how to keep your kitchen clean. I don't know yet what I want to do in terms of hanging art or sourcing plants, and this is where this question came from.

Is doing puzzles and then framing them only for old people?

I like pretty pictures, I like frames, I like puzzles and I wish I could do more of them. I like the idea of hanging pictures on the walls in my house. Art in the home is like a subtle way to tell everyone who enters exactly who you are at every turn, without spending the entire visit saying “hey, do you know who I am? Do you like me? I hope this all makes sense…”

And from that statement with its existential tinge, back to the main question: is framing puzzles a creepy thing that strange old people do? I mean, I’m imagining people walking in, seeing the puzzle in the frame, and thinking “who would do such a thing? That’s so weird.” They would never say that out loud, of course. But as I served them tea they would be wondering where the parrot is hiding, and thinking about all the crazy stuff I must be hording.

I don’t know, it just seems weird to frame a puzzle. But I mean what is the point of building a puzzle, only to take it apart and stow it away again? So it makes sense to hang it up. Especially if the picture is pretty.

Wait. I think I just figured it out. If the picture in the puzzle is a photo of a bunch of strangers or stray kittens, then there is a problem. Looking at pictures of strangers or abandoned animals all day does not indicate a sound mind.

Okay. So I’ll do the puzzle. Or maybe I’ll just buy some empty frames, pretty ones, and put those around the house.

I’ll figure it out… I mean there are definitely enough posts on the internet about this particular problem.