An Extract from "Sometimes I Look for Good News in the Spam Folder"

This afternoon while I was walking back from Pick n Pay I was thinking about my life. Specifically I was thinking about my work situation, i.e. my lack thereof. I thought of how, when I was in school, I thought I would have a job that I loved and that I was very good at by now. The words "job" and "career" meant the same thing to me: working as a writer/editor, and basically ruling the world with my skills and talent.

That has not happened, and I don't know how much longer it is going to take. I have been studying for so incredibly long, "preparing myself" for a wonderful job that I would get as soon as I marched into an office of my choosing and showed them my shiny new degree, still warm from the printer. Of course they would take me. I would be the one candidate who stood out from the rest; we would all have exactly the same qualification, and share the same "passion", but I would be The Chosen One.

Well. The past years have been filled with disappointment and disillusionment. I am a twentysomething with nothing figured out and more questions than answers. This year's cycle of disillusionment has been particularly brutal: I realised I am a BA graduate who is, according to all the people I would love to work for, not actually qualified to do anything. I have knowledge, but no experience, and apparently that makes me absolutely useless.
Meanwhile, I have to figure out where I am going to stay next year and how I am going to pay for it.

So, this afternoon, I decided the only way to deal was to stress-eat doughnuts and binge watch series. When I got back to my room with the doughnuts (I wanted the jam-filled kind, but ring doughnuts with icing would work just fine) I saw an email from a new publish company inviting me to join their team. I actually squealed. I had sent my application through the night before the deadline, and I didn't even expect a response, but there it was. It definitely made up for the lack of feedback from the interview I'd been to on Wednesday afternoon. These people were actually saying yes to me.

I am not going to pretend to believe in or know a lot about signs, but this publishing company randomly started following me on Twitter on Thursday night, and when I went to their profile, the call for applications was the pinned tweet. I didn't have to think too hard about applying.
I don't know why they followed me - my timeline is made up of RTs of memes, bad jokes and the occasional link to an article - but I'm glad they did. Because now I have an opportunity.
I can leverage this: it will be something to put under "experience" on my CV in future. It's one step closer to being more appealing to the people I really want to impress.

So, I still don't have a paying job. I don't know where I am going to live next year, The idea I once had about my career path needs to be reworked - completely. But this week was much better than others: I got an interview, and I was offered a chance to work with a publishing company. A few more weeks like this and I will start feeling less like I am stalling, and more like I have found a comfortable cruising speed in a safe lane. (Or something like that. Maybe my driving metaphors will get better once I actually have a licence).