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I Thought He Liked Me. (In which I use the word "feel" way too many times.)

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It started, as millennials’ relationship stories usually do, with a Facebook post. I liked a status update of his, and waited to see if he would initiate conversation. He did, and for the next three months I tried to get to know him and potentially start a real relationship.
I had been nursing a quiet, protracted attraction to him, and I thought this was an opportunity for me to find out if there was anything more there. The fact that we hadn’t been in the same city for three years, and therefore hardly had a basis to start from, didn’t matter. Neither, at first, did the fact that we would have to conduct most of the relationship over the phone because we lived so far apart.
In the first few weeks, I was going on curiosity and hope. I was keen to see where things would go with this person who was always such a mystery to me, who I had always been drawn to. I wanted to find out what was behind the attraction. I was encouraged by the w…