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Pop. (In which I drop a whole lot of links and hope you like one of them)

Twitter is great for click-baity articles, viral Vines, memes and, my personal favourite, music recommendations.

Drake recently released Views, and the memes and covers have been rolling in. I have yet to hear the album, but I've become familiar with the lead single, 'One Dance'. This cover by Alex Aiono was floating around the TL over the weekend:

As you can see from that still, this boy is dedicated. He sounds great. He kept the integrity of the song, and the Nicky Jam mashup works really well.

I don't know a lot of the songs that Alex has covered, and I really wish he hadn't covered Chris Brown (because that song is particularly awful), but I love his and Diamond White's rendition of 'We don't Talk Anymore':

It made me listen to - and really like - Charlie Puth's original version, in spite of myself.

I have had both versions on repeat for two days. Because what's the point of liking a song if you're not going to play it ad nauseam?

Throwaway thoughts on sharing feelings with boys

I've been thinking this week about how much I struggle to articulate my feelings because I am afraid of rejection. In all my relationships, I never want to be the one who feels too much or too obviously, because I don't want to be judged or misunderstood. It's the reason I am very slow to accept new friends, and the reason I let people get away with hurting me because I would rather not "make a scene."

It's also the reason I haven't dared to open myself to a romantic relationship. I have this idea in my head that I am really difficult to understand, and that that is some type of flaw, so I don't want to risk putting myself in a situation where I would be misunderstood, rejected or hurt. I operate with the worst case scenario as the most likely outcome.
On an intellectual level, that makes no sense. Why would I expect the worst thing to be the best thing that could possibly happen to me? On an emotional level, while I am terrified of actually ending up…

I think things are getting out of hand (or: "I am literally always on the brink of tears. Send help.")

It's been one of those weeks. The days went by in a dull, uninspiring blur; school was suffocating me; I felt like I had no direction in life; I thought my image needed a serious revamp and I was generally feeling very "bleh."

I went from having the urge to go out and get new piercings and buy new clothes, to researching how to make virtual vision boards, to crying about the state of my life in the space of three days. I often feel like I need to change my look or revisit my list of life goals, and I usually get over that feeling after a day or two. This time was different: it's the crying that caught me off guard.

On Friday morning, I didn't want to get up after the second alarm. When I finally pulled back the comforter, sat up and stretched, I thought 'I don't want to do this', and lay back down. With my eyes closed, I thought of everything I had to do that day: follow up on emails, go to the bank to make a deposit, call the tailor... and it just ma…