Tony Gum X LUX: She who Dares

I always wait impatiently for the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the YouTube video to say "Skip Ad", so I can click through to what I really want to watch. Nine times out of 10, I have no interest in the online course, denim brand or pregnancy test that is being plugged in that precious five second slot. But this past Monday, I just couldn't look away: I watched every one of the 90 seconds of this LUX She who Dares ad:

The opening line - "It was your fragrance, that's what hit me first..." - is dangerously cliched. Countless ads for beauty products that smell nice have used a variation of that line, so I thought "ugh, here's another ad telling women how they should smell in order to attract men." But then I saw Tony Gum's face, and thought "wait - is that Tony?". I squealed. I feel like I know Tony personally, because her art has been all over the internet since she brought us the "Black Coca-Cola" series.

Tony is the cool, self-assured visual artist who I wish I could be friends with. She has this great attitude about her - a demeanour that says "here I am - and your life will never be the same again." Tony also has a great face: no one can forget those eyes that look at the world dead-on, and the red lipstick that she wears like an exquisite punctuation mark, bringing her expression together beautifully.


In the LUX ad (which is really more like a short film) we see Tony dancing around in an art studio, taking a selfie with friends, running to catch the waves in the sea, and of course - the perfume and beauty product ad staple - walking and smiling demurely in an open field on a sunny day. All of these are different parts of the personality of this new LUX woman who I believe is being presented to us here.
The focus is on Tony, not on the presumable future love interest from the voiceover. It is about who she is and what she does, what she represents. It is not about who she could possibly be - the person that men find irresistible and alluring - if only she would use LUX. It is about who she already is, who she already connects with - and how LUX fits into that.

I think this shift in the messaging is what appealed to me most, after the moody intrigue of the aesthetic of the clip. This ad reintroduced LUX to me as a desirable lifestyle brand, something more than just soap and lotion.


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