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Tony Gum X LUX: She who Dares

I always wait impatiently for the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the YouTube video to say "Skip Ad", so I can click through to what I really want to watch. Nine times out of 10, I have no interest in the online course, denim brand or pregnancy test that is being plugged in that precious five second slot. But this past Monday, I just couldn't look away: I watched every one of the 90 seconds of this LUX She who Dares ad:

The opening line - "It was your fragrance, that's what hit me first..." - is dangerously cliched. Countless ads for beauty products that smell nice have used a variation of that line, so I thought "ugh, here's another ad telling women how they should smell in order to attract men." But then I saw Tony Gum's face, and thought "wait - is that Tony?". I squealed. I feel like I know Tony personally, because her art has been all over the internet since she brought us the "Black Coca-Cola" series.


Where I am now

I started blogging because I had thoughts and opinions which I felt had to be put out into the public domain. I wanted to share my ideas with whoever would understand where I was coming from. I wanted to write.

2010 was an exciting time: blogs were becoming popular, and the possibilities were endless. The concept of curating my own online editorial space was very appealing. I updated with anything and everything, trying to figure out what my blog's style would be. For a brief moment, I considered taking my blog seriously as an occupation and not just a hobby - turning it into a website for my 'personal brand.'
It had potential, but as my life started to get complicated, I struggled to keep up with my online persona. Or, more accurately, with the online persona that I had imagined for myself. (No one is ever as successful as they think they are on the internet, are they?)

Posts came less and less frequently. I had no motivation or inspiration to update the website. Upon ref…