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Rihanna Just Changed my Life. Again.

Rihanna released the video for 'Work' on Vevo just over three hours ago, and I have so many feelings.

After the 30 second teaser clip she released at the weekend, I was even more keen to finally see what new music Rihanna had for us. Until now, I have been feeling left out of all the ANTI hype: I have neither Tidal nor iTunes, and Spotify is just not a thing in South Africa. All I had was this video of Elmo dancing to 'Work' while on the moon.

This official video was definitely worth the wait:

I loved it before it was even one minute in. The dancehall aesthetic is very early-2000s, calling to mind something by Allison Hinds or Sean Paul, and even Rihanna's own 'Pon de Replay'. In 'Work', Rihanna is, as always, her unapologetically confident, sexy and sensual self. It's beautiful to watch. Seeing Rihanna perform or even just looking at pictures of her in street style or attending events always makes me think "who am I, not to be bad like her…

Happiness is A Four-Letter Word: an Engaging and Memorable Local Screen Gem

Happiness is A Four-Letter Word tells the story of Princess (Renate Stuurman), Zaza (Khanyi Mbau) and Nandi (Mmabatho Montsho), women who are at a point where they are taking stock of their lives, and realising nothing has turned out the way they planned.

Three friends - young, beautiful, successful, empowered - living the dream eGoli. They have everything they could ever want, and on most days they believe they are happy, too.

Nandi has just been promoted at work, and she is also in the middle of planning her wedding to Thomas (Tongayi Chirisa), when someone from her past comes back and threatens to ruin everything. Zaza, as the young 'trophy wife' to a dutiful Bheki, is conflicted. She has a very comfortable lifestyle and two wonderful children, but she needs companionship - and seeking such companionship outside of her marriage comes with its own risks... Princess, in contrast, has no interest in settling into a committed relationship, choosing instead to keep her lovers at…