Day Out at the Cape Town Street Food Festival

Last Sunday, I went to the Cape Town leg of the annual South African Street Food Festival in Woodstock.

Cape Town Street Food Festival
 After arriving at the address, finding a locked up, eerily quiet building, and walking around a few ominous corners looking for the festival, I found a security guard in the nearby parking lot, and asked for directions.

The venue, Side Street Studios, is actually three separate spaces in Woodstock. I was at number 32, when I needed to be at number 48. (How many other people who relied on the information they found on Facebook had to take a detour...?)

Anyway, once there the Festival proved to be worth the early Saturday morning. Food trucks and stalls offered a wide variety of dishes, and it was possible to have a 4-course meal right there on the hill.

The selection of street food staples like samoosas, hotdogs and bunny chows was rounded out by pizza, curries and tacos. Once again I realised that I have a strange relationship with all-you-can-eat situations like this: I want all the food, but I also hate queuing, and looking greedy. I can never just enjoy buffets...

I had a pizza from Pizza Piaggio, woodfired while I waited. The tangy tomato sauce and the rocket are a great foundation, and any other ingredients added to this crispy thin base enhance the flavour.

Street Food Festival ZA

I took a foray into the world of cold pressed drinks and had an apple juice from Juicebox.

There was none of the sharp after taste that usual apple juice - the likes of Ceres and LiquiFruit - has. It tasted like honest-to-goodness fruit juice - worth the R20. Next time I see the Juicebox stall, I will definitely try some of the other flavours.

For dessert, I went beyond the trucks to Sorbetiere, a little ice cream parlour and coffee shop. The flavour combinations are interesting, and though R40 for two scoops is more than I would like to pay for this type of dessert, it is the average price at the fancier places in Cape Town - and it was worth it.

I tried the salted caramel flavour, which is popular among sweet and dessert enthusiasts. I am going to venture a guess and say that the salt is added to take some of the bite out of the caramel, and give the ice cream a sort of "dryly creamy, with a hint of sweetness" taste. I'm not mad at it. (Maybe next I'll try something in the equally famous chilli-chocolate flavour combination...)

I didn't stay long because seating space was scarce and there wasn't much entertainment besides the food (which, to be fair, was the main attraction), but overall it was fun.
Now I'm thinking I should make room in my budget for more trips to fairs and markets just like this one. They offer something interesting to do at the weekend.