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I Should Know who Amy Schumer is by Now...

I am always a few months behind when it comes to comedy. I will stumble upon a new act, binge-watch all their stuff, share it with all my people, then promptly forget about them. I won't keep up with what's happening at Comedy Central, Saturday Night Live, or wherever cool people get their comedy fix these days, and as a result I will scroll past all the memes and gifs of the latest comedy MVP on Tumblr, because I just don't understand the references.

This is exactly what has been happening with regard to Amy Schumer. I vaguely remember her pulling some sort of stunt involving Kim Kardashian on the red carpet, and apparently she has a great show on Comedy Central called Inside Amy Schumer, but really I know nothing about her.

I am going to have to start paying attention and catching up really quickly. This video of her tackling sexism and ageism in Hollywood is hilarious:

It is spot on. If the tweets and the Jezebel or Buzzfeed articles are to be believed, this is the type…

Thoughts on Magic Mike XXL (with some Pop Social Science, for Good Measure)

On Friday, I went to watch Magic Mike XXL. I wanted to see ... the dancing. Also, I was interested in ... the story. Ja, the story.
But really I was just happy to spend R70 on a ticket to see Channing Tatum on the big screen. I was ready for that Ginuwine song to reclaim its title as "Best Earworm you Hate to Love".

A remake is always in danger of being worse than the original. In this case, I don't even remember what happened in the original, and for a movie like this I don't even think it's necessary to know any prior information.

The highlights of MMXXL came from the new additions to the cast. Jada Pinkett Smith's character, "Rome", was the perfect successor to Matthew McConaughey's outrageous "Dallas". She was giving us just the right amount of seductive style and attitude, making sure she gave a memorable (and convincing) performance as an MC. I would go to whatever club she was hosting at.

Donald Glover was a pleasant surprise. I…

Someone Get Me Outta Here! (Or: "This is Not what I Had Planned...")

This time last week, I was sitting in bed feeling very sorry for myself.

It was cold, my room smelled mouldy, all my clothes were dirty, I was sure that my pillows were rotting (more on that later), the ceiling was black under all the dust that was clinging to it, and worst of all - I was no longer at home.
Quite abruptly, the holidays were over. I was back in Cape Town, and I would have to make things work.

When I first arrived back in Observatory, I walked into my room to find it teeming with dust, with this rank smell in the air. I thought it was the usual kind of dirtiness that one should expect from a room that has been closed up for five weeks. But then I looked closer, and saw that the wardrobe was filthy, all the clothes that were in there were covered in this green-brown dust, and the bed frame was also a mess.
My sheets were damp and dusty, and the pillows were dangerously close to disintegrating from the dampness and dust they had soaked up. It was a disaster.

I had to wash…