Autumn 2015: Distressed (Denim) x Duster (Jacket)

I have all these ideas in my head of what I wish I dressed like. I wish my wardrobe was made of great (read: good cut, better fit) pairs of jeans and beautiful outerwear - blazers, waterfall jackets, parkas, trench coats.

I don't know where I would be going in all these clothes, since campus is not a catwalk, and I spend the rest of my time in my room (or sometimes at the mall)...but I keep believing that one day I will walk out in a denim, white blouse and trench coat outfit, finished off with the perfect court shoe of stiletto pump, and make a serious statement.

Some of my favourite images from the internet:

Rihanna always steps out looking right!

It looks like retailers are going to be making the trench coats and the distressed denim (which have been popular overseas for the past few months) available in our stores.

 I've only seen the style I want at Woolworths. They are beautiful, but they are so far out of my budget, I might as well be talking about buying real estate on the moon.
Still, they are beautiful to look at:

 The navy trench and the longline wool coat

The distressed denim look ebbs in and out of fashion favour regularly, so it is readily available for affordable prices. The best place to look is MRP Fashion.

The combination of jeans, a shirt and a coat will never go out of style, and it is endlessly versatile. Having a coat to throw on over an outfit is essential when you live in a place like Cape Town, where the wind and rain are always just around the corner (no matter what the bright sunshine leads you to believe).

Here's hoping this year's autumn/winter season is my most fashionable one yet!