Thoughts while Watching The Lion King

So last night, while the internet was down, I did something major: I watched The Lion King for the first time in my life.

Yes, yes, I know. How can a sane South African go almost 21 years without watching the biggest movie of all time?
I dunno, man - it just happened. We didn't watch it at school, my parents didn't buy it for me on VHS. Obviously I had mean friends, because they never invited me over to watch it at their houses... So I have been going by on the millions of pop culture references from the movie, and whenever someone mentioned it I would just laugh along politely.
Well, I finally decided to do something about that. So, here are some of the things going on in my mind while I watched The Lion King.

  1. Oh, so the animals just have British and American accents - and we're okay with that?
  2. Simba is so dramatic - I can't even deal.
  3. "betrothed, promised, efianced!" 'efianced'? Really?
  4. It's only clicking for me now that the Timon and Pumba show I watched on Cartoon Cafe was a spin-off from this
  5. I know so many of the images and quotes (and songs), and I've never actually watched the movie all the way through before now. 
  6. Someone said to me "hakuna matata" is grammatically incorrect, and I believe them: it had to have lost some of its authenticity in translation. What I don't believe is that I've lived in this country and heard Sotho/Tswana being spoken my whole life, but I don't know what the correct way to say the phrase is *hides*
  7. That baboon is a sangoma, right?
  8. Scar and his twisted mind games, though
  9. And when he threw the embers into Simba's eyes! :O
In conclusion: "au shem, what a cute movie"

**EDIT: Is it "grammatically incorrect", or could it be the fact that that particular phrase is in KiSwahili...?