[Firsts]: I Went to Charly's Bakery!

Last week Thursday I finally did what all tourists probably do on their very first night in Cape Town: I took a trip to the famous Charly's Bakery.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get there, since it is not that difficult to find once you're near the Cape Town Central Library. Going back to Johannesburg without buying at least one treat in a candy-stripe box would just be so wrong.

I chose to try the Wicked Chocolate cupcake, since on Charly's Cake Angels this chocolate cake recipe was the most requested one - and it always looked so good.

Standing in the queue (it was lunchtime, and people who work around the area apparently come for the quiches and coffee) I looked around the shop and I just couldn't believe I was finally at the Bakery!
I was thinking to myself "oh my gosh, there's that new customer liaison lady they hired!" "there's Alex! and the mom! and that one staffer they threw a birthday party for once!"
Seeing the place and the people I used to watch on TV was a little strange - and exciting.

The cake was definitely worth it. I can understand why slices are R35. (If I had actually come here more often in the year, I would probably have been out like R140 every month - eish - so maybe it's a good thing that I left it until the end of the year...)

I'm currently trying to come up with some type of party idea that will allow me to order a really big cake from Charly's. Graduation is too far away... I don't have any anniversaries coming up, either. Or a "self-appreciation" cake? No - that's too sad.

I'll come up with something.


  1. Graduation is not too far away, don't worry. And you will by no means have to appreciate yourself, you have 4 sisters whose job it is to do that ;-) Day well spent anyway, I would have gone full star-struck tourist if i were with you...


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