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All the Feels

It's Wednesday morning, and I have a long break between classes, so naturally I'm on YouTube.

Maybe it's because I haven't listened to the radio in a while, so I'm a little out of the loop when it comes to charts and single releases, but to me it sounds like suddenly musicians are extra loved-up. There's the cutesy dance-pop of Becky G, and the 'just give me a chance' party jam from Trey Songz. Then there's John Legend, with the beautiful "You and I":

I had heard it on radio a few times, and liked it purely because it was by John Legend, and his latest album is just golden to me. But then when I saw the video... I don't know if it's because a lot of it is filmed in a chill, slow-motion type of mood that just gets to your emotions, or if it's because of the lyrics, or the message of the song, but I actually felt myself tearing up. In my room, at 10:30 on a random Wednesday, John Legend got me.

Then, because I wanted to keep that…

DVD Review: Pad Na Jou Hart

Running time: 111 minutes Starring: Ivan Botha, Donnalee Roberts, Marius Weyers Director: Jaco Smit
The variety and standard of films produced locally over the past four years or so has been quite impressive. Examples such as Jozi, Bakgat, Otelo Burning, Material, Hoofmeisie, Fanie Fourie’s Lobola, Copposites and many others are a testament to the fact that our film industry is more than capable of competing on the international stage.
Ivan Botha (from 7de Laan and the Bakgat series/franchise), Donnalee Roberts (7de Laan) and director Jaco Bester worked together to bring Pad Na Jou Hart, a “romantiese avontuur film” to the big screen. It is an epic life and love story that spans locations across South Africa, from Johannesburg to Clarens, to Graaf-Reinet and Cape Town.
Basson van Rensburg Jr (Botha) is heir to the Vecto Petroleum fortune, and at the outset it is clear that he is trying to do whatever he can to freeze out his father, Basson Sr, whom he still resents for a lost childhood. Ba…