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This Is What's Happening

It's time for the mid-year break! Finally. 

I'll be away from a steady internet connection for a while (regular readers understand this struggle), so posts will be sporadic if not altogether non-existent.
Part Two is up, and I know that stories need titles, but I can't seem to come up with something that suits this one.

I also have some pictures and links as part of a round-up of sorts. This is some of what I did over the past 5 months.

I made my first foray into food blogging after a visit to Cocoa Cha Chi:

I visited the Iziko Museum and the Company Gardens:

And, as I mentioned before, I started using Tumblr. It's where I go to find pictures that articulate my mood for the day- what's on my mind, what clothing I wish I wore, where I would like to travel to, what music I am listening to, all of that. I'm quite enjoying it. 
This is what it looks like at the moment:

Stop by some time, and enjoy the beauty of "infinite scroll" :)

I'll be back with an …

Cover Me, I'm Going In: My Girl RiRi's CFDA Dress, and the Important Conversation We Should Be Having

I don't usually like to jump in the fray when people are brawling about celebrities and their fashion choices. Standing on the sidelines (read: sitting at my laptop and scrolling down the Twitter timeline) and laughing at people who slip up on their own hypocrisy or step in without first working out their moves is much more fun for me.

What people are chirping frenziedly about this week, is good ol' RiRi and her boobies. Again. People are so cut up about the dress that she wore to the CFDA awards, and of course the words "slut", "appropriate" and "role model" have been bandied about.

The dress is quite shocking, that's true. But, in terms of Rihanna, "shocking" really just means "fabulously risque, and completely over the top; will probably be on next month's must-have lists in some form".

Here We Go

I have finally making some of those changes that I've been talking about.

The layout is a work in progress. I have tried to avoid complicated HTML work for so long, but I think I'm going to have to do some online tutorials or something. Wish me luck with that.

There is also going to be a slight change in the content of posts. The (music, books, events, pop culture, media, etc) will stay the same, and I am adding a new category: writing. I have been hesitant to put up writing that isn't an opinion or a review, because I'm worried about what the reaction will be. Recently, I've realised that if I can't put my writing up on my own small corner of the internet, I can't expect to be ready to have editors or publishers of any kind reading it.

There is still a lot of work to be done, both on the blog's design and on my writing, but I have to start somewhere.