It's Been 10 YEARS Since "Mean Girls"? I Am Old. (Or: "Boo!, You Whore")

I remember the first time I watched Mean Girls, I was at a sleepover at a friend's house. It was the end of our Grade 7 year, and we were taking the weekend to celebrate. Mostly, we just couldn't wait to be in high school: at the time, having Grade 8 status seemed like the only thing worth striving for. We [felt like] were no longer kids.

That night, sprawled out on the living room floor among some of the people I would always associate with some of the best memories of 2004, I watched a movie which I never thought would be quite as high up on my "best-loved" list as it is now. That night was also the first time I heard someone use the word "fugly", the first time I met Ms. Norbury, Janis Ian, Gretchen Wieners, Aaron Samuels and, of course, Glen Coco. I learned never to trust boys who come up to me in the cafeteria to ask me questions about butter and muffins.
I learned that Girl World is a real thing, at time it seems to exist parallel to the real world, and its rules are always changing. Thinking about this a while after I watched the movie explained a lot of my classmates' behaviour...
Also, I learned that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are spectacular talents; we should all want to be like them.
In fact, let me put Bossypants on my list for my next trip to Exclusive Books...

So, it's been 10 years of quoting Gretchen and Karen, wearing pink on Wednesdays, making references to our (often times imaginary) Burn Books, and finding ways to work the phrase "ohmigod, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white" into our conversations.
I'll be 23 this year, and I'm sure even when I'm 33, I'll still have a special place in my heart for Mean Girls. 
("33" is such a big number *shudders*)

 Some favourite scenes:


And a classic cannot be elevated to "cult" status unless it spawns multiple parodies and homages:

Apparently there's also a sequel floating around somewhere. Obviously, it wasn't as successful. It couldn't have been nearly as successful- some things are just better left untouched. (That's something that the producers of those horrible Bring It On sequels never understood.)

So happy Mean Girls  Appreciation Day, everyone! Or is that only officially celebrated on October 3rd...?


  1. Love Mean Girls. Can't believe what Lindsay has become though, commpared to her co-stars. What a shame !

    1. Hi Natasha :)

      Lindsay's situation over the last few years has been quite cringeworthy. Especially since I still remember her from Parent Trap days! I hope one of her comeback attempts works out soon.


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