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It's Been 10 YEARS Since "Mean Girls"? I Am Old. (Or: "Boo!, You Whore")

I remember the first time I watched Mean Girls, I was at a sleepover at a friend's house. It was the end of our Grade 7 year, and we were taking the weekend to celebrate. Mostly, we just couldn't wait to be in high school: at the time, having Grade 8 status seemed like the only thing worth striving for. We [felt like] were no longer kids.

That night, sprawled out on the living room floor among some of the people I would always associate with some of the best memories of 2004, I watched a movie which I never thought would be quite as high up on my "best-loved" list as it is now. That night was also the first time I heard someone use the word "fugly", the first time I met Ms. Norbury, Janis Ian, Gretchen Wieners, Aaron Samuels and, of course, Glen Coco. I learned never to trust boys who come up to me in the cafeteria to ask me questions about butter and muffins.
I learned that Girl World is a real thing, at time it seems to exist parallel to the real world, a…

The Feature: Why You should Read "Unimportance"

An edited version of this article appears on the VARSITY website. Click herefor that.
This April, Thando Mgqolozana, author of A Man Who Is not A Man (2009) and Hear Me Alone (2011), will debut his third novel Unimportance. Before the release of the novel, I wanted  to find out a little more about the author, and what goes on in his mind. In an effort to find out more about Thando, and what motivates him, I asked two simple questions: ‘who are you?’ and ‘why do you write?’ After admitting that an author of fiction can never be trusted to give a truthful answer to those questions (but alluding that perhaps his memoirs would one day satisfy our curiosity), Thando says he is a “jobbing writer”. In between showing up for work at the UCT Research Office, where he spends time “pretending to be a normal human being”, Thando writes- and that is when he is most content.
Thando admits to becoming quite an unpleasant person is he spends too much time away from his work, like all creative types do…

Excerpts of an Interview with Thando Mgqolozana

I have been writing for the UCT newspaper, and the second feature I was assigned was a review of the latest novel from Thando Mgqolozana, Unimportance. I was excited to read this new book, because last year when I read A Man Who is Not A Man I was really impressed. 
Here are some of the answers which I couldn't quote word for word in the final article, but I just had to share them. It's what happens when a writer is so good that the answers are feature articles on their own. Especially what he said about what it takes to get published/be a good writer.  (Also, I am a fangirl.) 
This may be an unusual way to phrase the question, but I just want to get back to basics. So, briefly: who are you, and why do you write?
I want to confess that I have answered both questions several times before, and each time I’ve given different answers. That instantly makes me an incurable liar, I guess, but I am not bothered—I lie all the time when I am writing fiction. Who am I? You’ll have to wait for…

"Papa, Can You Hear Me?" (Or: I'm still here- Don't Worry)

Well, this is awkward.

I haven't been here in the longest time, there are cobwebs and crickets everywhere, and I don't even have a great reason for my absence. The best I can do is "I'm busy,, and stuff". But that is just so lame, so I won't even try to explain myself.

What is important is that I have not completely abandoned blogging, I've just pushed it to the back of my priorities cupboard. In the front of this cupboard, are my new internet babies- Tumblr and Wordpress. Yes, yes, I know- what type of mother neglects her first born child as soon as some cute new ones arrive? But I have a reason. (Okay, maybe I am going to try and explain myself.)
I had to start a Wordpress site for a school project. I plan on archiving it and forgetting about it as soon as the marks are up. The Tumblr was an impulse decision made at some inappropriate hour of the night, most probably after I saw a few too many beautifully composed pictures of ha…