The First Days

My new life, in bullet points:

  • I now live in Observatory. 
  • I have way too much stuff, and not enough storage space. This problem is compounded by the fact that I am too short to reach the locker for my room.
  • I hate the registration process! It never, ever gets easier: too many forms and stamps, and too much ingratiating myself to Heads of Department. 
  • I need a job. Badly. (Which company still hires people based on things like "can type really well" and "good at using the phone"? Because those are the only things on my CV at the moment...)
  • There is so much walking. So much. But I think after this first week of all that up-and-down, it will become easier. (Note to self: buy sneakers- pumps will not serve you well here.)
  • The sun sets late here, and that makes it difficult to use time normally. Like, if it's 19:00 and the sun is still out, is it still supper time- or is it late afternoon...?
  • The way the wind blows really upsets me. The walls and the doors creak every time the wind picks up. The walls. But I suppose as long as I'm indoors the wind is not that much of a problem.
  • In addition: I am probably one shade darker (at least) after spending time in this ruthless sun. Wow. It's like 'don't even bother with that moisturiser, because your face will start melting as soon as you step outside' hot. 
  • I need to find a way to the beach soon. For my sanity.

I'll be back when I can actually string together coherent sentences, with substance. 


  1. Haha wow the first days huh. Now I remember that photo you sent me of your 3-tone legs :'') Ok I'm sorry, not laughing. And I think its safe to say that a sunny 19h00 is still evening.....ish. Love you darling!!

    1. That picture was the realest indication of the state of my life, man. In fact, I can still see that line- it hasn't faded, *that's how badly I got burned! LOL
      Here's to more "sunny evenings"!


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