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Celebs In the Buff, Girlish Giggles, and A Worthy Cause

One of the week's hottest trending topics on social media was the March issue of Marie Claire magazine. This issue is the magazine's annual Naked Issue, in which a selection of South Africa's best-known media personalities bare it all between the pages of Marie Claire, in support of The Lunchbox Fund.

While a group of naked celebrities is always sure to set people's tongues wagging, this year it seems the excitement was heightened by the picture of one Boity Thulo. The Rockville actress is shown posing in what appears to be a steam room with her back to the camera. Of course, by "her back" I mean "her bum"- and that is what had people in a frenzy. For at least two full days after the issue went on sale, my timeline was flooded with tweets and memes with the hashtag "Boity Reaction". The magazine has taken advantage of this hype, and is running a picture competition with cash prizes up for grabs- just send a picture of yourself reading the …

The Creeper Files: Twitter 'Favorites', and why I Clicked the Orange Star

I think I am using Twitter the wrong way.

I use it to see what other people are saying about their daily lives, what they are obsessing over, what they are debating about, and sometimes what they are eating for lunch. I am looking to see what other people are tweeting, but I hardly do any tweeting of my own. I usually retweet, or tweet to people who also follow me, so the tweets don't show up on my timeline for everyone else to see. Most of all, I 'favorite' all the tweets that I agree with, so they go to this archive of Things That I Found Interesting. I am a Twitter Creeper. *hides*
Actually, no. Not *hides*- it's time to bring those tweets out of the archive so you can see what's really on my mind, and I can try to remember why on earth I thought some of these things were important or noteworthy when I first clicked the on that star.
😂😭 "@ClixWell: We are about to eat something called iTampura prawns. Who is Ta Mpura & why are his prawns looking…

The Heat Is Melting my Face, and I Might Take Up an Interesting Pastime...

I have spent a lot of time talking to myself this week. I talk to myself about what I have to do that day, I ask myself questions about what on earth the other people in the house are always making so much noise about... I watch videos and make comments and laugh by myself. When I find some insect crawling around on the floor, I say to myself: "Urgh, my god- not another one!", before I swat at it and mumble to myself about how I absolutely must buy a can of Doom ASAP.

When I haven't been doing that, I've been on campus. Running around getting things signed, enrolling, avoiding getting recruited to random student societies, losing half an earring in the Battle Against the Hills while trying to find the access control office so I could get a student card, finding venues for class, and just generally being busy. But the real business only starts tomorrow- then I will wish I really did have all this extra time to fill being busy with nothing...
Pretty much since the 16th…

The First Days

My new life, in bullet points:

I now live in Observatory. I have way too much stuff, and not enough storage space. This problem is compounded by the fact that I am too short to reach the locker for my room.I hate the registration process! It never, ever gets easier: too many forms and stamps, and too much ingratiating myself to Heads of Department. I need a job. Badly. (Which company still hires people based on things like "can type really well" and "good at using the phone"? Because those are the only things on my CV at the moment...)There is so much walking. So much. But I think after this first week of all that up-and-down, it will become easier. (Note to self: buy sneakers- pumps will not serve you well here.)The sun sets late here, and that makes it difficult to use time normally. Like, if it's 19:00 and the sun is still out, is it still supper time- or is it late afternoon...?The way the wind blows really upsets me. The walls and the doors creak every time…