Seventeen Magazine South Africa has been Discontinued

For about seven years now, I have been an avid reader and loyal fan of Seventeen magazine.

I have followed the South African edition through three editors' tenures- from Justine Stafford, to Khwezi Magwaza until the final years with Janine Jellars.

When I first heard that the magazine would no longer be published back in early November, I was in shock. Why was such a great product being pulled off the shelves?  The press release didn't do much to clarify things- what I got from it was something about there no longer being a budget for the publication. No budget? When it was so popular? Or was it just me and a very small group of girls who bought the magazine, subscribed to it, and sometimes made contributions to its pages? I don't believe that.
(But that's partly because I refuse to believe that Teen Zone,  which repeats cover stars way too many times within a year to be taken seriously, beat Seventeen at being a profitable publication. I just can't accept that.)

Anyway. It has happened: Seventeen will no longer be sold in South Africa.

 I will not have my monthly dose of good advice, positive vibes, insightful articles and up-to-the-minute entertainment and lifestyle updates. I will also not get the chance to be part of the 17 Academy,  work as a features writer for Seventeen, or even become the editor there one day, like I have wanted to for so long.

I suppose there's nothing to be done but to move on. One thing I know is that my collection of past issues has now become even more precious to me.
And who knows, maybe I will be the next Jane Raphaely, and fight for the rights to publish (and edit) Seventeen in South Africa again in the future.

For now, here is a tribute video. It shows my favourite articles, cover stars and editor's pictures.


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