On My Way

It's the 21st of January, and while others have been back at school or work for two weeks already, I feel my year has yet to start.

I have a lot to think about in 2014: where I will work, how I will like the new city I'm moving to and, most importantly, what I am going to do with this blog.
I hated being unable to post regularly during the last two months: holiday season has a lot of potential for posts, but I couldn't tap into any of it. I am falling far behind. This year, I hope to make up for that, whether that means mobile blogging, or even vlogging. I don't want to be left out of this social network revolution that news sites are always writing about- I have something to say, too.

Enough resolution talk for now- I have to catch up on what happened around the internets while I was away.
First stop:Tgether

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