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Questions to Consider (Or: "I Don't Make Resolutions, But if I Did, This Would Be A Cool Way to Go")

Jess, of Skyscrapers and Skylines, posted a list of questions on her page a few weeks back, and they got me thinking. Supposedly, the answers to these questions help you to evaluate the past year and make plans for the new one. I had never considered some of them before, and others turned out to have some pretty uncomfortable answers... 

On My Way

It's the 21st of January, and while others have been back at school or work for two weeks already, I feel my year has yet to start.

I have a lot to think about in 2014: where I will work, how I will like the new city I'm moving to and, most importantly, what I am going to do with this blog.
I hated being unable to post regularly during the last two months: holiday season has a lot of potential for posts, but I couldn't tap into any of it. I am falling far behind. This year, I hope to make up for that, whether that means mobile blogging, or even vlogging. I don't want to be left out of this social network revolution that news sites are always writing about- I have something to say, too.

Enough resolution talk for now- I have to catch up on what happened around the internets while I was away.
First stop:Tgether

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Seventeen Magazine South Africa has been Discontinued

For about seven years now, I have been an avid reader and loyal fan of Seventeen magazine.

I have followed the South African edition through three editors' tenures- from Justine Stafford, to Khwezi Magwaza until the final years with Janine Jellars.

When I first heard that the magazine would no longer be published back in early November, I was in shock. Why was such a great product being pulled off the shelves?  The press release didn't do much to clarify things- what I got from it was something about there no longer being a budget for the publication. No budget? When it was so popular? Or was it just me and a very small group of girls who bought the magazine, subscribed to it, and sometimes made contributions to its pages? I don't believe that.
(But that's partly because I refuse to believe that Teen Zone,  which repeats cover stars way too many times within a year to be taken seriously, beat Seventeen at being a profitable publication. I just can't accept that.)