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ELLE and Dior Jadore Editor's Lunch: Fine Dining at 54 On Bath Courtesy of Dior

Earlier this month ELLE magazine posted a tricky question on their website: ‘what does happiness mean to you?’ Spurred on by the thought of my fast-approaching 23rd birthday and the introspective mood that accompanies the end of another year, I decided to take a chance and really try to put into words what I had learned about this elusive concept of happiness. Thinking about how my answer could possibly earn me a spot at the table at the ELLE /Dior Jadore Lunch at 54 On Bath gave me some extra incentive as well. So, I thought about what happiness means to me, and I realised my answer was more along the lines of what I hope my happiness will look like one day. A week or so later, I got an e-mail congratulating me on being selected as one of the guests for the lunch!
I had heard a lot of wonderful things about 54 On Bath, and specifically the hotel’s restaurant, Level Four. As soon as I walked into the reception area I was greeted by a number of friendly faces who told me exactly where to …

[Firsts]: I Went to Charly's Bakery!

Last week Thursday I finally did what all tourists probably do on their very first night in Cape Town: I took a trip to the famous Charly's Bakery.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get there, since it is not that difficult to find once you're near the Cape Town Central Library. Going back to Johannesburg without buying at least one treat in a candy-stripe box would just be so wrong.

I chose to try the Wicked Chocolate cupcake, since on Charly's Cake Angels this chocolate cake recipe was the most requested one - and it always looked so good.

Standing in the queue (it was lunchtime, and people who work around the area apparently come for the quiches and coffee) I looked around the shop and I just couldn't believe I was finally at the Bakery!
I was thinking to myself "oh my gosh, there's that new customer liaison lady they hired!" "there's Alex! and the mom! and that one staffer they threw a birthday party for once!"
Seeing the p…

[Magazines]: New Editor for ELLE South Africa (+ A Note on Content and Representation)

The September 2014 issue of ELLE magazine was the final edition produced with Jackie Burger at the helm.
For as long as I have been reading ELLE seriously, I have enjoyed seeing the changes in the content and layout of the magazine under the supervision of the always sophisticated Ms Burger.
Also noteworthy were her editor's page photos, which invariably featured her trademark bold lip, cropped 'do and interesting interpretation of the trends of the moment.

The magazine has a focus on fashion and beauty, just like other magazines in the market. What keeps me buying ELLE even when the trends are too outlandish for me and I can't afford any of the new lipsticks, is the quality of writing. Contributors produce work that leaves an impression in features about relationships, finding happiness and cultivating a sense of well-being, shopping wisely in the fad-heavy market, travelling the world and even what movies to watch next.

I look at ELLE as a guide for my young adult years,…

[Music]: Click to Play - Songs from Around the Web

One of the biggest reasons I spend so much time on the internet "doing nothing", is that I get carried away clicking on all the links within the posts.
I forget how I ended up on a page, because I was led there by a series of "read more" links...and then I forget what I was interested in in the first place.
Tumblr has been the main click-to-play culprit this past month, but I don't hate it: I have a few new "favourite songs" thanks to those reblogs...

Ziyon, one half of the popular Liquideep, has released a solo album, Audio Alchemy. The song One in A Million shows that he will definitely have the same success away from the group, but I don't believe that it's one of the best songs on the album. I can't wait to hear what comes next.

Goapele, whose 2001 single Closer is still a well-loved soul and R&B classic, is back with Strong As Glass. The album includes collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Eric Benet, and the title single is a tradem…

[Magazines]: The Final Print Edition of COMPANY

About two months ago, Company magazine announced that it would no longer be publishing print editions. I am aware that the magazine industry is in the throes of something of a "digital revolution", but it still surprises me whenever a publication announces that it is going out of print.

Luckily, because Company is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle magazines for young adults, it is not being shut down completely. The press release said that the November edition will be the first all-digital issue of Company.

Company is my gateway to the trends and news from the UK, and this gives me a bit of a preview of what will be on the to do/ to wear/ to see list in South African magazines a few months later, so it's good to know that it won't be disappearing altogether. I have mixed feelings about having to go through the trouble of downloading iTunes, setting up an account, and making EFT payments to an overseas account just to read a fashion magazine... :

I'll keep my…

[Fashion]: Chanel No. 5 - "The One that I Want" (A Fashion Film)

Earlier this month, Chanel premiered the latest fashion short film about its iconic No. 5 fragrance. In this different take on the ordinary fragrance advert, Gisele Bundchen plays the role of the dynamic Chanel woman who tries to find expression for all the aspects of herself - businesswoman, mother, lover.

Though I initially clicked 'play' because Baz Luhrmann was involved (I am still obsessed with his adaptation of The Great Gatsby), what really pulled me in was the soundtrack. As we see Gisele coming in from the surf, spending a few moments with her child, striking a few poses for a camera (with Luhrmann behind the lens, of course), and sharing a loaded moment with a dark stranger, there is a moody and alluring voice slowly warbling: "the power that you're's electrifying"

Classically-trained singer-songwriter Lo-Fang covered John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's much-loved "You're the One that I Want" in a way that is some…

Nick Jonas - Jealous

I am just going to leave this here, so that we can all see what an escape from the Disney machine (as well as the pressures of singing in a family band) and a new record label can do:


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