The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather (Or: This Is How I Study)

I don't own sweaters, I own jerseys; and I don't like the cold, or having to bulk up against icy winds. But there is something about this song that has me longing to own one of these, and walk along the beach at sunrise.

There is also this cute choreography video that I found:

This is because it's exam time, and I'm doing what I usually do when I should be studying: spiralling down the YouTube vortex, and dreaming of being someone else with a much more glamorous life, living somewhere fancy like London or California. *sigh* I try to fight it, but only the results will tell how successful I have been...


  1. That video really is cute brah, next year lets both take dance classes, like for real, then we can have valid comments when we watch So You Think You Can Dance :-)


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