Last Thursday Night: Marie Claire Trunk Show 2013

Last week Thursday, Lungi and I attended the Marie Claire Trunk Show at Neighbourgoods Market. This annual fashion event is the ultimate pop-up shopping experience. Top South African designers (Pichulik, Kirsten Goss, Sies! Isabelle, to name a few) displayed their ranges, Inglot cosmetics had a stand where they were doing patrons' make-up, and there were several perfume samples being spritzed around.

Editor of Marie Claire Aspasia Karras welcoming guests in that wonderfully cool skirt of hers; Katherine touting her wares at the Pichulik stand. *

Johannesburg's fashion people browsed racks full of beautifully-made, on-trend clothing while listening to the music of Short Straw and Jimmy Nevis. There were crepes for sale at one of the stalls, and I was feeling adventurous so I tried one with banana, caramel and what I suspect were pecan nuts. Warm fruit and strange nuts are things I usually stay away from on principle, but I suppose the air of the night- fashion, music, glamour- emboldened me. I don't regret it.

Though I was not able to buy anything (I have Two and Loin, Cloth and Ashes taste on a Mr Price budget), I was once again reminded of how much talent South African designers have, and how they are worth investing in. I do wish that South African designs weren't so expensive, but I suppose the material, labour, marketing and merchandising factors that contribute to those high prices are not mitigated that easily.
The lucky winner of this hamper definitely didn't have any dilemmas!*

Fashion dilemmas aside, the entertainment for the night was a lot of fun. Short Straw played an energetic set, which included the song "Bikini Weather" and a cover of Locnville's "Sun In My Pocket". The only thing funnier than the keyboardist with the red skinny jeans who made a makeshift bikini from his T-shirt, was the guy with the long dreadlocks who was moshing incredibly close to the speakers with a beer in his hand. People always get crazy when live bands are involved.

We left with goodie bags containing the September issue of Marie Claire, a compact mirror, a bottle of Appletiser and a mini cosmetics bag. It was a good night (though I would have liked to stay for DJ Kenzhero's set- partying on a weeknight is so tricky) and I am definitely going to keep an out for details of the next Marie Claire event.

For now, here is the Jimmy Nevis song that I really liked. (There was this guy- who had clearly had a lot of JC Le Roux with his friends- who thought that my exclaiming 'ohmigod, I love this song!' was an opening for him to make friends. Why does that always happen to me when I go out...?)

*These pictures have been lifted from Marie Claire's Twitter account, because I am the worst at taking pictures at any kind of event. I need to work on that.


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