Solange Does "Matchy-Matchy" Better than You (Plus She Can "Saaang", and Her Dancing is Everything)

Ah, Solange.

Just chillin', Outside the All-Pink Brownstone

I have posted before about how Solange is DJing, modelling, blogging, singing and trendsetting her way into my heart. Now, I'd like to say that I am a convert- she has impressed me, and she is definitely doesn't just fall under "...and many more" on my list.

Here is the video for "Locked In Closets", in which she shows us what happens in A Day In the Life of Solo:

Yesterday, Solange released the video for "Lovers In the Parking Lot", in collaboration with The Creators Project. I love the sound of this song- Solange really shows that she is a talented singer.

I want those shoe laces, and I need to learn every dance move that she does. I like how she is alone in the passage/ jewellery shop/ pawn shop/storeroom where she does all this choreography- she could easily have recruited dancers to fill up the space with her. She didn't, and that's probably because she knows that she has definitely "got this" by herself. (That tough-looking guy with the sunglasses who can't help but join in is my hero, though: he felt the Solo Effect coming over him, and he just went with it.)

I also get the feeling that Solange genuinely enjoys performing- in a video of her performance at a Brooklyn laundromat earlier this year, she said: "This laundromat has me really wanting to be a drama queen for tonight, so excuse my theatrics...". Then she launched straight into her routine.
Solange is going on my list of reasons to visit New York: I want to go to one of the parties she DJs at, and maybe ask to see her wardrobe- I'm sure she has one of the most exciting collections of clothing ever.


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