I Heart Kate Spade NY - The New 2 Park Avenue Beau

What does it take to get me back to this blog? A Kate Spade New York bag. I was browsing through some New York Fashion Week Instagram photos from some bloggers and celebrities, when I saw some pictures of this great new bag, with the hashtag "me and my beau". Kate Spade New York's president and creative director, Deborah Lloyd, points out 6 reasons to love this tote:

The 2 Park Avenue Beau. Wow. It had me dreaming all kinds of New York Living dreams, especially when I saw the accompanying promotional video, which shows pieces from this year's Kate Spade New York autumn collection.

I could be a Kate Spade Girl. Most definitely.

So... If I put a really big picture of this on a dream board somewhere in my room, will I wake up to find my very own Beau waiting for me...?


  1. Ey! Its been a minute bra. This bag *is fabulous though. So cute and stylish and functional too :-)


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