Eartha Kitt - I'm Still Here, and I Won't Compromise

I saw this picture of the legendary American actress, singer and cabaret star Miss Eartha Kitt yesterday, and I just had to go and find the original video it was taken from.
In this video, Miss Eartha is speaking to an interviewer about love and compromise, and how she doesn't understand why she would have to change herself just because a man came into her life. The idea is so ridiculous to her, that she actually throws her head back and laughs at it.

I just saw her in Boomerang with Eddie Murphy a while ago, and she just struck me as the coolest, most self-assured woman- full of life. She was like the epitome of the fabulously streetwise grandma! (Also, she was a little crazy. But that's good!)

I was glad to find one of her memoirs, I'm Still Here, at the library.

I'm sure I'm in for a story full of passion, intrigue, The Hustle, love and the journey to self-knowledge- I look forward to it.


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