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Ja, so... That Happened. (Or: "The End of An Era")

It was the final party at 80 De Korte street this past Friday. PUMA Social Club Braamfontein is closed- for real, this time.

And from the Marketing Director of PUMA South Africa:

"1 year of epic", indeed. For that year, we were guaranteed to see some of South Africa's most talented musicians in a great venue, for free. When will that ever happen again? This is one of the best ideas PUMA has ever had, and whichever city gets to experience it next had better appreciate it!

Beatenberg On the 5FM Playlist!

The best way to get up early on a Friday morning: hearing a song by a band you wish everybody liked as much as you do being played on the morning drive show!
My eyes flew open, I pulled away my blanket and sat up to start singing to Beatenberg's "Chelsea Blakemore" on the radio. I was that excited. From shooting "takeaway shows" in Kalk Bay, to the great set they played at PUMA Social, and now to be playlisted on one of South Africa's biggest radio stations. Beatenberg have well and truly arrived.

Solange Does "Matchy-Matchy" Better than You (Plus She Can "Saaang", and Her Dancing is Everything)

Ah, Solange.

I have posted before about how Solange is DJing, modelling, blogging, singing and trendsetting her way into my heart. Now, I'd like to say that I am a convert- she has impressed me, and she is definitely doesn't just fall under "...and many more" on my list.

Here is the video for "Locked In Closets", in which she shows us what happens in A Day In the Life of Solo:

Yesterday, Solange released the video for "Lovers In the Parking Lot", in collaboration with The Creators Project. I love the sound of this song- Solange really shows that she is a talented singer.

I want those shoe laces, and I need to learn every dance move that she does. I like how she is alone in the passage/ jewellery shop/ pawn shop/storeroom where she does all this choreography- she could easily have recruited dancers to fill up the space with her. She didn't, and that's probably because she knows that she has definitely "got this" by herself. (That …

Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night

This song has convinced me that I need to buy myself a copy of The 20/20 Experience.

Eartha Kitt - I'm Still Here, and I Won't Compromise

I saw this picture of the legendary American actress, singer and cabaret star Miss Eartha Kitt yesterday, and I just had to go and find the original video it was taken from.
In this video, Miss Eartha is speaking to an interviewer about love and compromise, and how she doesn't understand why she would have to change herself just because a man came into her life. The idea is so ridiculous to her, that she actually throws her head back and laughs at it.

I just saw her in Boomerang with Eddie Murphy a while ago, and she just struck me as the coolest, most self-assured woman- full of life. She was like the epitome of the fabulously streetwise grandma! (Also, she was a little crazy. But that's good!)

I was glad to find one of her memoirs, I'm Still Here, at the library.

I'm sure I'm in for a story full of passion, intrigue, The Hustle, love and the journey to self-knowledge- I look forward to it.

I Heart Kate Spade NY - The New 2 Park Avenue Beau

What does it take to get me back to this blog? A Kate Spade New York bag. I was browsing through some New York Fashion Week Instagram photos from some bloggers and celebrities, when I saw some pictures of this great new bag, with the hashtag "me and my beau". Kate Spade New York's president and creative director, Deborah Lloyd, points out 6 reasons to love this tote:

The 2 Park Avenue Beau. Wow. It had me dreaming all kinds of New York Living dreams, especially when I saw the accompanying promotional video, which shows pieces from this year's Kate Spade New York autumn collection.

I could be a Kate Spade Girl. Most definitely.

So... If I put a really big picture of this on a dream board somewhere in my room, will I wake up to find my very own Beau waiting for me...?