Glossies Throw Down: The September Issue

"The September Issue" is a phrase that didn't mean anything to me before I started learning about Her Majesty Anna Wintour. It is the name of the 2009 documentary which follows the famed (and mysterious) Vogue US editor as she compiles the year's most important edition of the fashion bible, and it is also the name of a phenomenon in the world of fashion magazine.

The September issues of fashion magazines is seen as the all-important forecaster for the year to come. Trends in make-up and fashion (and even lifestyle) change over just as the season changes over- from autumn into winter (and with this comes the promise of new, luxurious wardrobe staples- boots, scarves, coats). What the September issue holds is the key to being fashionable and "in the know" for the new season, and making a smooth transition into the new fashion year.

It is almost as if all the previous editions of a magazine do not matter at all, once the September bumper reaches newsstands. And it is indeed a bumper: September issues give new meaning to the term "jam-packed", and are probably as heavy as some entry-level computer programming textbooks!

A promotional image for the 2009 documentary, showing Wintour's signature sunglasses, and the massive tome that is The September Issue 

The promotional video for the US September issues of ELLE, Marie Claire, and Harper's Bazaar was just released, and I am already counting coins in my head so I can be able to get my hands on them when they arrive at local CNA and Exclusive Books stores.

I am a really big fan of ELLE magazine, so when Joe Zee (the creative director for the magazine) said that the September issue came in at 600 pages, I just got so excited!
Kate Upton, one of the most prominent models in the industry at the moment, works the cover in a beautiful red dress.

The Coolest Girl In Town, Zooey Deschanel, is experimenting with a look that's a little bit darker than her usual doe-eyed girly charm on the cover of Marie Claire. Looking at that picture made me laugh because it reminded me of that one episode of New Girl where Jess tries to affect model-like aloofness, and fails- in an adorable way, of course.

It seems Sarah Jessica Parker is still relevant, because Harper's Bazaar features her on the front cover of its big issue, with a headline about SJP's collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. It sounds like something Carrie Bradshaw would have loved to do- getting involved in a project with the designer of her most prized stilletos.

I look forward to feeling the heavy, glossy books-of-things-that-are-way-out-of-my-reach. I'll dream a little. After all, isn't that what fashion magazines are- a kind of  "aspirational escapism"...?

**Other September covers (one of which has Oprah channeling Diana Ross in a big way) are featured on E! Online.

***South Africa's September issues (which announce the imminent arrival of Summer, and get us all dressed up and ready for the party season) will be released in the coming week or two, and True Love's cover was revealed a few days ago. Terry Pheto- Tsotsi star, cast member of The Bold and The Beautiful and co-star of Long Walk To Freedom- makes me long for December time and the beach in a retro-inspired one-piece.