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What To Listen To Now: Beatenberg

I was at PUMA Social Club last Friday for the first time in a long time, and I am so glad that I got to see Beatenberg perform.

I had never heard of them before I saw the line up for PUMA Social, so I consulted the wisest music guru I know, YouTube. This Cape Town band, whose members are Matthew Field (vocals/songwriting), Robin Brink(drums) and Ross Dorkin (bass guitar) definitely made a new fan out of me with this acoustic version of You Never Sing To Me:

I liked the sound of this immediately, and was even more taken by it on Friday night, as it came as part of the impressive set that the band did for us. The music has an infectious beat, and there is nothing to be done but to dance- this is largely due to Robin's incredible drumming, and the way he and Ross were working off of each other to support Matthew's oddly earnest vocals.

Together, Beatenberg produces music that is like Freshlyground and Johnny Clegg rolled into one: wholesome, fun music that plays with &quo…

JoJo! Remember Her? You Should. (Or: From the Diary of an Unsung Diva)

I rediscovered JoJo in a big way this week. Wow- I can't believe I haven't paid any attention to her since hearing about that Marvin's Room cover she did a few years back, because since then she has been working really hard.

The 22-year-old has been putting in a lot of hours at the studio for the past 4 years or so, and has released two mixtapes: Can't Take That Away From Me (2010) and Agape (2012). Looking at her gives me the impression that she has been growing into the RnB/ hip-hop diva identity she set up for herself with her first two albums, which spawned hits such as Leave (Get Out), Too Little Too Late and How To Touch A Girl.

These days, JoJo is putting out material that has a much more mature, urban sound, and that voice of hers, as the kids say these days, "just won't quit". She has an impressive range, and she performs with a high level of professionalism- showing that she is really dedicated to her craft. Many, many artists say this about the…

P!nk - True Love

Comparing this song to "Family Portrait" from all those years ago, makes me realise just how far from angsty, volatile and "Mizundastood" P!nk has come. I like it.

The music has evolved, and P!nk still has the same great voice. It seems like she sorted out whatever trouble she was having with her marriage, and I'm assuming that's her daughter making a brief appearance at the beginning of the video, so things seem to be going pretty well for Ms Alecia Moore.
The latest album is called The Truth About Love. Go and get it.

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From Nickelodeon To the Billboard Hot 100 - Ariana Grande

I had been hearing the name "Ariana Grande" bandied about for some time, and it had been appearing on some Tumblr reposts I came across for quite some time, but it was only after I saw this video that I understood why:

Ariana has quite a voice! She does the "early noughties throwback pop" thing so well, (her music has been compared to the type of sound that people like J-Lo were putting out in the early 2000s), and the Brenda Russell sample, her intensely Mariah-like vocals and the collaboration with Mac Miller certainly helped to get her single into the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's going to be interesting to see what this former Victorious castmate does to stay relevant now that she has caught critics' attention.
She has already collaborated with Mika on Popular Song, and she does a cover of Emotions (one of my favourite Mariah Carey songs) that proves that she is talented, and singing seems to come to her as easily as breathing. (How else can you…

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