Shay Mitchell for ELLE Canada

Shay Mitchell (who plays the character of Emily on Pretty Little Liars) has earned herself a lot of ardent admirers with her sincere, positive outlook on life and her brand of relatable celebrity. Shay likes the idea of being a role model, and runs a lifestyle website where she blogs about what she is currently interested in and shares tips on how to stay focused on living your best life.

This dedication to helping others, especially young women, is seen in her commitment to the Somaly Mam Foundation, which is an organisation that aims to save women from sexual slavery and trafficking. Shay says: "[my work with Somaly Mam] is my purpose in life, above anything else. Everything that I do, I'm thinking about girls. As strong as we are, we're also sensitive, and I feel like men take advantage of that." (Teen Vogue)

Fierce, compassionate and beautiful- it's no wonder "Mitchies" the world over worship here. 
Here she is in an incredible spread for the July issue of ELLE Canada. (I'm looking for international magazine outlets that will have this issue, just so I can frame the cover. It's the hair, the eyes, the lips- just the general attitude that I just love).

ELLE Canada

Read more at Teen Vogue and ELLE.


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