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Adventures In Grahamstown PLUS: Move All Your 'Likes' to Bloglovin' With Me!

Hello from Grahamstown!

I just arrived here this morning (I hate bus trips- I don't ever want to do it again after this festival) and so far I've found a place to eat and sleep, so that's the absolute basics covered.
I've also already done my fair share of Clueless Out-of-Towner meandering, and I sincerely hope I can figure out taxi/shuttle/hopper routes tomorrow, so I won't miss a show like I did this afternoon. (By the way, theatre gods, can we have a showing of The Madonna of Excelsior in Johannesburg soon, so I can catch it? Thanks.)

The first night in a strange place is always weird, so I just want to get it over with. Thankfully, the Eastern Cape weather hasn't been bad today, and this room comes with a heater, so I'm sorted. (Shoutout to Rhodes University and Courtenay-Latimer Hall's Oriel House for that.)

Okay. So the true festival-going starts tomorrow for me, then. Look out for random Twitter updates on @Nkhensani_M, and follow the official Gr…

HB(I)C: Helena Bonham Carter for British Vogue

First, let's acknowledge that Helena Bonham Carter has an amazing name. It just sounds like the best name for someone talented and famous; I think it's the "Bonham"- a middle name makes all the difference.

She also played the Queen of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland and does the red carpet like no one else can. Also consider that she is married to Tim Burton, the genius behind Edward Scissorhands, The Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice. You should aspire to be like her when you grow up.

British Vogue features HBC in the July 2013 "Ageless Style" issue, and she looks great:

For British Vogue's June 2012National Treasures feature, Tim Walker captured Helena Bonham Carter and her super-lollipop. I really like this picture: the leopard print, the wild hair and the crazy nonchalance of it.

Seriously, I need that lollipop in my life.

Shay Mitchell for ELLE Canada

Shay Mitchell (who plays the character of Emily on Pretty Little Liars) has earned herself a lot of ardent admirers with her sincere, positive outlook on life and her brand of relatable celebrity. Shay likes the idea of being a role model, and runs a lifestyle website where she blogs about what she is currently interested in and shares tips on how to stay focused on living your best life.

This dedication to helping others, especially young women, is seen in her commitment to the Somaly Mam Foundation, which is an organisation that aims to save women from sexual slavery and trafficking. Shay says: "[my work with Somaly Mam] is my purpose in life, above anything else. Everything that I do, I'm thinking about girls. As strong as we are, we're also sensitive, and I feel like men take advantage of that." (Teen Vogue)

Fierce, compassionate and beautiful- it's no wonder "Mitchies" the world over worship here. 
Here she is in an incredible spread for the July iss…

Sara Bareilles Does Beyonce

How did I not know that Sara Bareilles did a cover of Single Ladies before now?

It is so good! Who would've thought that an RnB club hit could translate so well into a "Doo-Wopey voice and piano kind of song", as Sara calls it? Thanks for this, Billboard.

What the Cool Kids Were Reading: Tama Janowitz and Bret Easton Ellis

Slaves of New York is a collection of short stories by Tama Janowitz. She was part of the art crowd of the 1980s (Tama, Jay McInerney and Bret Easton Ellis were considered the "literature brat pack") and was a close friend of Andy Warhol's.
The stories are about the lives of young New Yorkers- that is, people who move to and around New York for school, work, or in pursuit of their dreams.  It isn't a collection of stories that tie up loose ends and glorify New York. The fact that to try and make a living in New York at the time involved is clear from the very first story, which begins with the line "After I became a prostitute, I had to deal with penises of every imaginable shape and size." That's potentially a very off-putting sentence, but it's always the scandal that keeps the pages turning, isn't it?
The next story is about a disillusioned women's studies student who can't remember why she wanted to study it in the first place (this …