TV Time! The YouTube Channels You Shoud Be Watching

I have no idea what's on TV these days. Honestly: I sometimes wander into the TV room to see a little bit of some random comedy on M-Net or a repeat (of a repeat) episode of some or other Hollywood folly on E! Entertainment, but I have no real clue as to what's going on. TV is a very small part of my life, because I have the internet- and the internet has YouTube.

For drama, there is WIGS, for sitcoms there is Black & Sexy TV (watch Roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid), and for current affairs there is I Am Other (the home of Awkward Black Girl). For everything else in-between, there are thousands of keen amateur to semi-professional videographers uploading clips of themselves teaching us how to apply make-up, cooking for us, giving us embarrassing yet comic anecdotes from their lives, choreographing dances to their favourite songs, and performing any number of outlandish and dangerous stunts in order to garner as many "likes" as possible. It's like DStv, but better: there is no fighting for the remote or arguing about which channels you need in the bouquet. 

So, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. "a lot" means that I spend hours on end in front of my computer each day, sometimes even forgetting to sleep, watching tutorials and hauls and "Draw My Life" videos. I mentioned before that all the shows I watch are either from America or England, so I was glad to find out about Caspar Lee- someone who is representing South African in the crazy corner of cyberspace that is YouTube. In this video, he talks about meeting his fans in South Africa, and feeling the need to promote South African YouTube users, so that it becomes clear that this country can play along with the rest of the vlogging cool kids. 

Caspar had a list of these other vloggers, and among them is none other than Spud himself:

Troye Sivan uploads videos in which he critiques Instagram and Tumblr, talks about rainbow cake, answers followers' questions and even sings- because these days you can't really call yourself "successful" unless you have a few cover songs out on the internet somewhere.

Theodora Lee is Caspar's sister, and makes videos which are just as comedic and irreverent as her brother's are, though this video clearly shows that she was first to wise up to The Ways of the Camcorder:

Here, Theodora tells us about the thrill of sleeping in a boy's sweater:

Someone else on  Caspar's list is Anne Hirsch, winner of the second season of David Kau's So You Think You're Funny. Her YouTube channel is dedicated to interviews with local celebrities, and is in its second season. Karen Zoid, Zolani Mahola, Danny K and Candice Boucher are just a few of the famous people she has had on her show. Here she is in an interview with the man whose show launched her career, David Kau:

Prepare for a lot of awkward laughs and a lot of gaps filled with hashtags made up on the spot- because those aren't just for Twitter anymore.

So, there it is: a few of the reasons I don't watch TV anymore. And I feel no shame. Only worry: what will I do when I no longer have easy access to reasonably steady and free wireless internet? How will I live?


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