Anna Kendrick - Cups (When I'm Gone)

Anna Kendrick starred in Pitch Perfect, and performed this song as part of an audition scene in the movie. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it on radio a few nights ago. It's a cute song with a charming gimmick (cups as "percussion"), and it actually sounds a lot like something that would have featured on the Juno soundtrack.

Anna Kendrick is an actress who can sing- and not just make it look like she can sing, which is often the case with the cast of "musical" type movies. She has always been this talented, as can be seen in Camp, which was my favourite movie for the longest time when I was younger. (Kids singing and dancing their way through the foibles of adolescence in sparkly costumes? I can't resist.)

**Cups (When I'm Gone) is actually a cover of Lulu and the Lampshades' Cups (You're Gonna Miss Me), which is itself a reworked rendition of 1937 folk song by J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers. So that's over 70 years' worth of quirky music.

This has been your History of Music in Pop Culture lesson for the day. :)


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