Lauren Beukes Is Launching The Shining Girls

The long-awaited new offering from South African short story writer, journalist and novel-writer Lauren Beukes is launching in the country on the 15th of April.

I have been looking forward to this for so long, that I even fast-forwarded to the date in my mind- I've been going around thinking the launch is next Tuesday for the longest time!

The book is about a time-travelling serial killer who targets young women with special potential- girls with some sort of "x factor", if you will. The killer has been getting away with the murders, and the last thing he expects is for one of his victims to come back for him. What happens when someone you thought you killed in another time, turns out to have survived, and is out for revenge? I can't wait to find out.

The book trailer is intriguing, and actually quite chilling:

I see myself having a few sleepless nights after reading this, but it's worth it. There is quite a lot that I would do for South African literature.
Gto Lauren Beukes' website for more details on the book tour, and other updates. Also, see this review of Zoo City: it was the first Lauren Beukes book I read, and I loved it.

Read an excerpt from The Shining Girls here.