la Havas and La Blogotheque Make A Movie

The latest offering from UK soul singer Lianne la Havas is a collaboration with La Blogotheque and Colin Solal Cardo: two videos for two songs which come together to tell the story of the love between la Havas' character and her love interest. 

COMPANY magazine had her as their March cover star, and had this to say about the videos:

                      "The two short films had us on an emotional rollercoaster, depicting a story of love and happiness fading to sadness and murder, with Lianne playing a femme fatale character."

It is indeed a rollercoaster. Lianne la Havas has that rare ability to make the person who is listening to her voice, to her music, feel what she is saying. Some of the moments in the "Elusive" video, the first part of the story, are so delicate and intense, that the only appropriate response is silence. Silence and awe.

It's a little bit like watching a Mia Michaels routine on So You Think You Can Dance: the music, the words and the movements all form part of a deep experience.

The second song, "Gone", is the story of what happens when the rollercoaster car teeters off the top part of the tracks, and drops down violently fast: the relationship la Havas' character is in has disintegrated, and she has no idea when it happened. 

I am obsessed with these songs. I have had the line "He is elusive, and I am awake/ Defiantly real, there's nothing fake" running through my mind all afternoon. It's as if it relates to my life in some way, when really it doesn't. That is how deeply Lianne la Havas' music affects me.

Listen to more of it on her site, and check back often for updates. She has been added to my ideal concert line up, along with Elle Varner. I would pay good money to go to that show.