Demi Lovato Is Here to Stay

I knew when I heard "La La Land Machine" that Demi Lovato wasn't just any ordinary "Disney starlet":

The idea of the song isn't new, but her voice is what sold me. She can sang, and I'm not sure how many of her fellow young songstresses can hit notes with as much conviction. Demi Lovato reminds me a lot of Hayley Williams- they are both sassy, free-thinking, confident  vocal powerhouses who give girls an alternative type of role model.

Now, Demi has made a complete break from Disney and has become a judge on X-Factor. About 9 hours ago, she released the video for her song "Heart Attack", which I love and which will be on her upcoming album, DEMI which will be available from the 14th of May this year.

Hear more about what Demi is hoping to achieve with this album, and in her career in general over here.


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