Why Haven't You Been To PUMA Social Club Yet? (Toya Delazy and Beat Army This Friday)

Toya Delazy is going to be at PUMA Social Club tomorrow night. I am already making plans to be there early enough to avoid hours of queuing, (and all the pushing and squashing and general foolishness people get involved in while waiting to go inside), but also late enough to not be the girl who sits awkwardly and  watches the barmen and the sound people set up.

I'm excited to see Toya perform live: the energy and creativity she brings to her music videos and even her TV interviews suggests that actually going to watch a show will be an amazing experience. The latest single that's getting airplay is "Losing My Love", on which she collaborated with another one of 2012's refreshing new artists, Ross Jack (previously known for his work with the mulit-faceted production collective, Octave Couplet).

Before her collaboration with the rapper and producer, who describes his music as "edgy with a mix of soul" in the March issue of Seventeen, Toya Delazy had a hit with "Heart", and the stop-motion concept of the video was really well-executed:

This Friday is the penultimate PUMA party: the club is moving on to the next town- I suspect it's Cape Town, but that has yet to be confirmed. These cool music "pop-up clubs" are really just so unpredictable.

Also expect to see Beat Army, a DJ duo from Melrose, Johannesburg that has played the H20 stage and contributed to KB's Krazy Shebeen Mix segment on 5FM. Of course, PUMA Social Club's resident DJ Matt Suttner will also put in an appearance.

Next Friday, for the last hoorah, there will be a special live streaming of a performance by Desmond and the Tutus:

I will be there, to see the magic happen. It's been so much fun having an entertainment venue with a low entrance fee (or no entrance fee at all, if you register online), an interesting atmosphere (bikes and sneakers up on the wall as part of the decoration, and a mix of young, quirky, music-loving individuals to enjoy the show with) and a brilliant line-up each week so close to res. I will miss it. 

So the next two Fridays are booked for you and me- and a night spent at PUMA Social Club is rarely a night wasted. 


  1. What a great review, I didn't even know that it's a moving club. Toya show should be one to remember hey.


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