Why Am I Standing Here? (Or: How *Not to Do A Night at PUMA Social Club)

Why am I standing here? Why am I standing in this long, slow-moving line, surrounded by all these people who seem to get louder and touchier and more delirious with each push-shuffle forward? Why am I still standing here, if I could have turned around and gone back to my room, where there is no cigarette smoke, no inappropriate people?
I could just be watching TV or listening to the radio- but I'm here. Because I feel like turning back would be like letting myself down. I don't know what exactly is at the end of this line- which after two hours was more like a random bunching-up of people who occasionally swayed forward and then bounced backwards as they tried to get into the club- but something tells me it will be worth it.

Three of the four acts have performed, and I am still standing in this line. I am beginning to fall asleep, my feet are not even on the ground (the people on all sides of me are doing this weird thing where they are holding me up in the air with their sides, and pushing me forward with their elbows at the same time) and I am so tired of smelling the people around me, and having this girl in front of me inadvertently feed me her weave every two minutes or so.
I don't ever stand this close to people, for this long, but something keeps telling me "don't leave now- you're almost there! It'll be worth it". What's really happening, is that I don't want to feel like I've missed out on anything. Because missing out is the ultimate failure in this life, right?

I'm not standing anymore. I'm inside, and I feel just as defeated as I did standing out there for four and a half hours. The bands are basically done playing (the last two and a half songs of a set do not a massive night out make), I don't know anyone here, and it's just not all that it was hyped up to be. All that I hyped it up to be.
Still, I dance. Well, I bob my head along with the crowd and mouth a few of the words I know. I see that I actually do know some people here- I say "hi", I buy a drink. I try to have fun. It isn't working.
So I leave. I am the one who preached to people that they should "get there early to avoid disappointment", and I am also the one who thought it would be cool to go alone because I would "meet up with my friends there". That is never a good idea- always, always know where your friends are when you're going out.

Despite all this, I am excited for the next PUMA Social Club event. Yes, there will be a "next time": the club is not closing, they are only offering all the "after hours athletes" a halftime break, before the game continues on the 12th of April. That's what Desmond and the Tutus were announcing during the live stream. At least I was inside for that.

So here's to another six months of free parties with fantastic live acts. And avoiding the queue, and making sure to bring some people you know along.