They Are: The Frown

Friday is PUMA Social Jozi day! I have already talked about Desmond and the Tutus over here, and yesterday I did a profile on DJ Kenzhero. Today we have The Frown.

Eve Rakow and Tim Apter make up this dynamic synth-pop duo, who bring a mix of haunting vocals and arresting images to their performances, both live and in music videos. Eve has been compared to Bjork and Lady Gaga: her singing is soft, intriguing, grating and powerful all at once, and she brings to the stage a persona that will not soon leave your memory.

A reviewer on the ELLE South Africa site had this to say:

                        "The Frown’s sound exudes the ambiguity of Rakow’s image; oozing clashes of delicate notes with fierce attitudes, and beauty dashed with total eeriness. Their music makes you want to sway and jerk in some kind of interpretive dance, hypnotizing your senses like incantations of darkness sweetly whistling through your body."

I have heard the name of this group bandied around by Those In the Know, but I have never watched a show or even paid too much attention to their music. After seeing this video for "Before the Sun Sets", I am beginning to understand what the fuss is about:

What Eve Rakow is giving us is a carefully articulated performance, which incorporates all the different, dark, raw elements of a person into the music- intelligent music. For all the credit this group is given, they are not ones to sit around explaining themselves so that you can feel comfortable and understand, as Brandon Edmonds found in this interview. Their music isn't for that.
This "just let it move you" attitude with which The Frown present their music is probably the reason the group is said to have achieved cult status among its fans.

See them at PUMA Social tonight- doors open at 17:00.


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