Rita's Sneaks: the Spring/Summer '13 Superga Campaign

The worlds of fashion and music have merged time and time again to present the masses with a new Image of Cool. Clothing brands have tapped young musicians to be their representatives, both in print campaigns and in their daily lives. After all, what better way to get kids to buy your stuff, than to have them see the starlets of the moment wearing it out to parties, to the gym, or down to the corner shop?

This is what the Italian sneaker brand Superga has done by bringing UK pop sensation Rita Ora on board for their current Spring/Summer 2013 range. Rita is known for her bold style, which mixes casual, unexpected elements with just the right amount of glamour to make for one of the most coveted street-chic looks in the industry right now. In the same breath, Rita can also turn up the heat for her red carpet appearances.


Fashion Is A Victim
Rita is not afraid of fashion: she will experiment, shock and delight with her clothing and make-up choices, and that is what will keep her relevant for a while to come.

For the Superga campaign, Rita is seen showing a different side of herself: a softer, more relaxed "girly-meets-tomboy" version of the singer, wearing the brand's new coloured lamé models, as well as the classic white low-tops.

Grazia SA

The entire outfit in that fifth shot- the skater skirt and the print sweater, and the blue shoe- is something I could easily add into my wardrobe. The styling by Savannah Baker makes even the frilly pre-school socks in the last shot look like something a 21-year-old would wear.

I didn't quite understand the sneaker culture when I first saw celebrities and bloggers (like Thithi Nteta, for example) wearing it, but now it seems like a trend that I wouldn't mind trying. I'll stick to Tomy for now, but Superga and Air Jordan may soon follow. 

Take a look behind the scenes at Rita's Superga shoot here.


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