Presenting: DJ Kenzhero

Tomorrow night is the last PUMA Social event in Johannesburg. *sad face* They are throwing one hell of a last hoorah, and the line-up is spectacular.
DJ Kenzhero
The first DJ for the night will be DJ Kenzhero, of Party People fame. DJ Kenzhero has a respectable following both in his city of birth, Johannesburg, and the place he fled to to pursue his music, Cape Town.

The people over at Head Honcho tell partygoers what to expect:            
                                                 "Combining hip-hop, Soul, Funk and Jazz, Kenneth Nzama aka DJ Kenzhero attracts a collection of well-versed music listeners. Although his background is based mostly in hip-hop, DJ Kenzhero manages to manoeuver around genres with ease, thanks to decades of experience in the game”

I am a big fan of both hip-hop and house DJs, and I enjoy a set which mixes genres (and eras) seamlessly, so I  expect I will have a great time listening to Kenzhero.

Last year, he was invited to be part of PLAY energy drink's "PLAY Heroes" campaign. In this video, DJ Kenzhero talks about the work he has done to become the music producer/event promoter that he is:

"It's about tenacity"