Miguel Is In South Africa. Like, Right Now.

Last night one of my favourite musicians, Miguel had his first show in South Africa at the Ellis Park indoor arena at Johannesburg and Reef.
I didn't go.

It's a toss-up between "I didn't have any money" and "I couldn't decide until the last minute whether I wanted to go or not". In the end, I actually wanted to go, but funds wouldn't allow. *insert sad face emoticon*

For people like me, there is YouTube. I found a video of him performing Sure Thing, and all you can hear is the girls scream-singing along. I would've been one of them.

I would have liked to see him performing Do You:

Maybe I'll go when he's in the country again or, since I doubt that's ever going to happen, when I go overseas again. (Universe, that was me "putting it out there". Use it, don't use it, you know- whatever feels good to you.)


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