Get Your Nails Did, with Tshego

Over the last three years or so, nail art has become all the rage. It is difficult to find a magazine spread, Twitter feed or Instagram account that doesn't have a picture of some pretty fingertips painted with some or other crazy-creative design, or cut into a new, exciting shape.
Professional nails salons are offering nail art packages, and cosmetics companies keep on launching DIY kits for budget fashionistas, so it is only natural that there should be young people starting their own manicure businesses inspired by the trend.

Enter Tshego Senne, Wits student and nail polish enthusiast. Tshego started her nail polish collection in high school, and when she came across nail art online, she tried it for herself  "because why not have nails that don't look like anyone else's, right?"
Well, it turns out a love for coloured varnish and a certain affinity with a manicure pen had people offering to pay Tshego to have their nails look like hers- and that's how the business started.

It has been two years since Tshego started experimenting with nail art, and for the past 10 months she has been steadily building up her client base.
I myself have tried out her designs:

*Webcam pictures. Eek.
I got coral, light blue and purple with a black accent dripping down from the tip. Some of the other designs that Tshego does look like this:

You can choose to have the designs painted directly onto your own nails for R60, or to have a set of designed nail extensions put on for R100. Either way, you will be sporting a unique, fun manicure for upwards of two weeks, depending on how you treat your nails.

For appointments, e-mail Tshego at or tweet her @TshegoSenne, strictly on weekends. To avoid disappointment, make sure you are in or can get to the Braamfontein area for the meeting.

This is one business that is going to be around for a while, especially in Braamfontein, which is Student Central and also the place people come to when they're looking for the newest fashion and lifestyle trends. 


  1. ooooh pretty. I still feel a lil cash rolling in for this...;-) haha, Love you darling*


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