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Get Your Nails Did, with Tshego

Over the last three years or so, nail art has become all the rage. It is difficult to find a magazine spread, Twitter feed or Instagram account that doesn't have a picture of some pretty fingertips painted with some or other crazy-creative design, or cut into a new, exciting shape.
Professional nails salons are offering nail art packages, and cosmetics companies keep on launching DIY kits for budget fashionistas, so it is only natural that there should be young people starting their own manicure businesses inspired by the trend.

Enter Tshego Senne, Wits student and nail polish enthusiast. Tshego started her nail polish collection in high school, and when she came across nail art online, she tried it for herself  "because why not have nails that don't look like anyone else's, right?"
Well, it turns out a love for coloured varnish and a certain affinity with a manicure pen had people offering to pay Tshego to have their nails look like hers- and that's how the…

Rita's Sneaks: the Spring/Summer '13 Superga Campaign

The worlds of fashion and music have merged time and timeagain to present the masses with a new Image of Cool. Clothing brands have tapped young musicians to be their representatives, both in print campaigns and in their daily lives. After all, what better way to get kids to buy your stuff, than to have them see the starlets of the moment wearing it out to parties, to the gym, or down to the corner shop?

This is what the Italian sneaker brand Superga has done by bringing UK pop sensationRita Ora on board for their current Spring/Summer 2013 range. Rita is known for her bold style, which mixes casual, unexpected elements with just the right amount of glamour to make for one of the most coveted street-chic looks in the industry right now. In the same breath, Rita can also turn up the heat for her red carpet appearances.

Rita is not afraid of fashion: she will experiment, shock and delight with her clothing and make-up choices, and that is what will keep her relevant for a while to come.

Why Am I Standing Here? (Or: How *Not to Do A Night at PUMA Social Club)

Why am I standing here? Why am I standing in this long, slow-moving line, surrounded by all these people who seem to get louder and touchier and more delirious with each push-shuffle forward? Why am I still standing here, if I could have turned around and gone back to my room, where there is no cigarette smoke, no inappropriate people?
I could just be watching TV or listening to the radio- but I'm here. Because I feel like turning back would be like letting myself down. I don't know what exactly is at the end of this line- which after two hours was more like a random bunching-up of people who occasionally swayed forward and then bounced backwards as they tried to get into the club- but something tells me it will be worth it.

Three of the four acts have performed, and I am still standing in this line. I am beginning to fall asleep, my feet are not even on the ground (the people on all sides of me are doing this weird thing where they are holding me up in the air with their side…

They Are: The Frown

Friday is PUMA Social Jozi day! I have already talked about Desmond and the Tutus over here, and yesterday I did a profile on DJ Kenzhero. Today we have The Frown.

Eve Rakow and Tim Apter make up this dynamic synth-pop duo, who bring a mix of haunting vocals and arresting images to their performances, both live and in music videos. Eve has been compared to Bjork and Lady Gaga: her singing is soft, intriguing, grating and powerful all at once, and she brings to the stage a persona that will not soon leave your memory.

A reviewer on the ELLE South Africa site had this to say:

                        "The Frown’s sound exudes the ambiguity of Rakow’s image; oozing clashes of delicate notes with fierce attitudes, and beauty dashed with total eeriness. Their music makes you want to sway and jerk in some kind of interpretive dance, hypnotizing your senses like incantations of darkness sweetly whistling through your body."
I have heard the name of this group bandied around by Those…

Some Jelly Shoes, A Dominatrix and the Man Behind Chanel

A few years ago, when the world started going crazy about being "green", the Brazilian plastic footwear brand, Melissa, was way ahead of the game.

                                      "For [over] 30 years, Melissa has been working hard to design eco-friendly fashion footwear. They have achieved beauty through their design; shoes are made from eco-friendly mono materials that can be easily disassembled and recycled, as well as being completely cruelty-free with no animal products. Production is 100% efficient, with 100%-of-materials-used and no excess waste" (more here)
Since its establishment in 1979, the brand has enjoyed great success, and many designers have taken time to add their touch to a collection or two. This time, it is Karl Lagerfeld who is following the examples set by Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu, Jean Paul Gaultier and Gareth Pugh, to name a few.

Lagerfeld has signed up to lend his creative genius to the footwear brand for capsule collections which wi…

Throwback Thursday

Music from Chapter Untitled. Louie Vega and Josh Milan- Your Body:

Remember: the play is set to run at this year's Grahamstown National Arts Festival. Book tickets and accommodation early to avoid disappointment.

Presenting: DJ Kenzhero

Tomorrow night is the last PUMASocial event in Johannesburg. *sad face* They are throwing one hell of a last hoorah, and the line-up is spectacular.
The first DJ for the night will be DJ Kenzhero, of Party People fame. DJ Kenzhero has a respectable following both in his city of birth, Johannesburg, and the place he fled to to pursue his music, Cape Town.

The people over at Head Honcho tell partygoers what to expect:            
                                                 "Combining hip-hop, Soul, Funk and Jazz, Kenneth Nzama aka DJ Kenzhero attracts a collection of well-versed music listeners. Although his background is based mostly in hip-hop, DJ Kenzhero manages to manoeuver around genres with ease, thanks to decades of experience in the game”

I am a big fan of both hip-hop and house DJs, and I enjoy a set which mixes genres (and eras) seamlessly, so I  expect I will have a great time listening to Kenzhero.

Last year, he was invited to be part of PLAY energy drink's &…

Reading Back To My Childhood

Books are probably the truest, most consistent friends one can have. If you can think back to primary school, or even before that, and pick out the first book you really loved- the first author whose mind you fell in love with- then you should be grateful: you are among the privileged few in this world who have known the joy of reading.

I don't think you can ever outgrow a book- you always need to go back to it, read it from a different space in your life, and learn something from it. I wandered into the Wits Hospice shop in Braamfontein last month, to smell the old books and marvel at the many strange things people donate to charity.

I saw the pink spine of Tania Brink's Liefde laat jou Rice Krispies anders proe, and I was taken all the way back to Grade 9, when I first borrowed it from the school library. At the time, I was so glad to find a book that had a character who seemed to speak in my voice.

The story is about the outspoken, independent Marzanne, and the way she stru…

Why Haven't You Been To PUMA Social Club Yet? (Toya Delazy and Beat Army This Friday)

Toya Delazy is going to be at PUMA Social Club tomorrow night. I am already making plans to be there early enough to avoid hours of queuing, (and all the pushing and squashing and general foolishness people get involved in while waiting to go inside), but also late enough to not be the girl who sits awkwardly and  watches the barmen and the sound people set up.

I'm excited to see Toya perform live: the energy and creativity she brings to her music videos and even her TV interviews suggests that actually going to watch a show will be an amazing experience. The latest single that's getting airplay is "Losing My Love", on which she collaborated with another one of 2012's refreshing new artists, Ross Jack (previously known for his work with the mulit-faceted production collective, Octave Couplet).
Before her collaboration with the rapper and producer, who describes his music as "edgy with a mix of soul" in the March issue of Seventeen, Toya Delazy had a hit…

Miguel Is In South Africa. Like, Right Now.

Last night one of my favourite musicians, Miguel had his first show in South Africa at the Ellis Park indoor arena at Johannesburg and Reef.
I didn't go.

It's a toss-up between "I didn't have any money" and "I couldn't decide until the last minute whether I wanted to go or not". In the end, I actually wanted to go, but funds wouldn't allow. *insert sad face emoticon*

For people like me, there is YouTube. I found a video of him performing Sure Thing, and all you can hear is the girls scream-singing along. I would've been one of them.

I would have liked to see him performing Do You:

Maybe I'll go when he's in the country again or, since I doubt that's ever going to happen, when I go overseas again. (Universe, that was me "putting it out there". Use it, don't use it, you know- whatever feels good to you.)