My Latest YouTube/Blog Obsessions* (Or: "The Internet Stole My Life")

*I'm serious: it's become an issue.

Get comfortable and click "Pause" on all those other videos, people: this is going to be a long post.

Early last week, I saw an update on Twitter about a certain “YouTube sensation” that Seventeen apparently does a feature on in the latest issue.
Young Caspar Lee from Knysna is supposedly really, really famous for his YouTube videos. Famous in other countries, that is. It seems the users of the ever-popular video-sharing network who have been responsible for Caspar's "internet fame" mostly reside in the UK.

People (mostly adolescent girls, according to this article) are completely devoted to Caspar’s channel on YouTube for a number of reasons, chief among them his videos about One Direction, the irreverent tone with which he delivers his anecdotes, and his "Bieberesque" looks.
I was mainly interested in the idea that he was getting so much more recognition for what he was doing, even collaborating on videos with some other young, notable vloggers (like Jack Harries of Jack's Gap), overseas than he was in his home country.There's a line from a song that comes to mind here, it goes something like: “I'm big in Japan…”

Here is a video he did with UK blogger Zoe, called How To Get A British Girlfriend:

Naturally, after seeing Zoe in this video (and after I’d tired of Caspar’s videos- I make for quite a fickle audience), I went searching for more of her stuff. I opened multiple tabs of her blog posts at once, and scrolled through pages of make-up tips, records of daily trips, and question and answer posts for the next two days. I had breaks in between for water, and pep talks.

Watching Zoe’s videos reminded me how much I enjoyed Shirley Eniang’s beauty and fashion videos. I sat through hours of lookbooks, hauls and tutorials, while I loaded more of Zoe’s “follow me around” or “monthly favourites” videos in other tabs.
Whenever I would lose the internet connection, or the browser froze, or- worse- I clicked “Close” instead of “Minimise” and saw all my hard work disappear, I would feel like someone (technology, the Universe, the other jealous cyberspace-people who were trying to take away my fun- I got pretty intense) was doing me a grave injustice.

Heart D.
A few links and suggested videos (those thumbnails on the side of the YouTube page make it so difficult to concentrate when I’m watching a video. I mean, I only have two eyes, YouTube. Two eyes. Come on, now) later, and I have found That’s Heart, a channel that  has fashion hauls, lookbooks, make-up videos and just a lot of general cuteness/ pink-and-girliness courtesy of Heart D. from California. 

The video that got me started was the “fashion haul with my boyfriend” one. Cool fashion + obviously smitten boyfriend + YouTube = Gold. More so, if said boyfriend can show respectable knowledge of both men’s and women’s fashion, and has picked out some of his girlfriend’s new tops. There’s just too much sunshine, rainbows and bubblegum in this video for anyone to throw shade. The people in the comments section (which is itself quite a fascinating place to go) agree.
There was this lookbook video which I watched for about 2 minutes before another one with a better title caught my eye. It was set to a song called "Lemonade" by Jeremy Passion. It's like a cross between Jason Mraz and the ukulele cover of Black's "Wonderful Life".
(Of course I’m going to collect new music while I’m lost in all this madness: I’m me.)

So I’ve been going through the videos on That’s Heart since last night, and I  have even taken a look at her Instagram page (I’m thinking I should actually *join Instagram, so that I can feel like less of a stalker about that…), and I see myself spending (wasting) a lot of time on this and the other two channels I’ve mentioned in the next few weeks.

I can’t get myself away from all these bright young things and their enviable fashion and seemingly fun, busy lives. I think everything that is framed in that YouTube video box instantly looks more glamorous and interesting than anything the viewer could possibly have going on in his/her life. Yes: I blame the YouTube video box thingy for the hours I’ve lost and the way my life looks even more lacklustre than it did before right now. YouTube is a bad, bad place.

Tumblr is pretty evil, too- what with its endless pages and its user-friendly interface, which enables visitors to sit wide-eyed in front of their screens for hours on end- but that hasn’t stopped me from seriously considering starting my own Tumblog so I can repost all the pictures and memes and quotes (and pictures and memes) from the pages I frequent.
I won’t though. I’m still kind of waiting for people to come back around to We Heart It, which is like a mix between Pinterest and itswhatiminto. At this point, it feels like I’m doing something equivalent to waiting for people to get back into MySpace, or some other equally obscure thing. 

I can see myself spiralling further and further down this cyber rabbit hole, but I’m not sure if I want to find the “Esc” button, either. Does that make me an addict? Wait, I think Caspar  has a video about that, too…