Music Monday: Laura Mvula

I have been hearing this amazing, Imogen Heap-like song on the radio for quite a while now, and this morning I finally decided to do a Google search on the lyrics.

It turns out the beautiful music is the work of one Laura Mvula, and the song is called Green Garden:

This performance is a very well-executed live version of the official video.

Laura Mvula is an English singer-songwriter who has been quietly working her way to prominence in the industry, and was named as "One to Watch" by the Guardian last year.

Her sound is heavily orchestral, and the jazzy elements in her music can be attributed to her admiration of the work of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. There is also a kind of "electronic"/psychedelic vibe, especially in the song above, which is what immediately reminded me of the work of Imogen Heap on Hide and Seek.
If this song is anything to go by, the album which will be released in March of this year has a lot of exciting, fresh-sounding music on it- music with "soulful vocals and florid soundscapes" (more here).

Laura's work is so complex, that a reviewer even created a new genre in her honour: "gospeldelia". Anyone who can inspire the creation of an entirely new word, is worth some attention.